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pag82_tierraWe only have one earth. So we have to be as careful as possible with it. Everybody, adults and children, can help to keep our planet as healthy as possible: less waste, less pollution, less consumption… Also at your home you can help to keep the earth healthy. Join us with the monthly ideas on our Super Green Calendar and make a better world.


My “cool” drinkcanister.

If you purchase a drink at school or if you take one from home, you may consider using a refillable DRINKCANISTER. You save on waste and you have more freedom to select your taste when making your own drinks.

Idea: purchase a nice looking DRINKCANISTER, fill it at home with a healthy drink and take it with you to school.



Super Green Calendar – Brushing Teeth – Close the Tap.

If you allow the tap to remain open whilst you are brushing your teeth, then be aware that you flush 1-2 litres of fresh water into the sewer system per session. If you brush your teeth twice a day, then you flush 10 buckets of fresh water per month!!!

Idea: close the tap whist brushing your teeth and rinse your mouth with a cup of water.



Super Green Calendar – No wrapped Snack.

Are you also taking a wrapped snack with you to the school? Cookies and snacks mostly are wrapped in tiny packaging. It’s better to take once in a while fruit with you. It is healthier, cheaper and generates less waste.

Idea: This month we take most of the times fruit with us (even or uneven days).



Super Green Calendar – Bottle in the Toilet.

Toilets consume a lot of water. Every time that you push the button, some 10 litres go to the sewer. Some toilets have a water save button, but if yours doesn’t, you still can do something about it. Placing a bottle filled with water in the tank will save 1-1.5 litres per flush.

Idea: check whether you toilet has a save button. If not, place a filled bottle in the tank.

Super Green Calendar is an initiative from the Belgian KWB, a public organisation for employees. Spirit of Fuerteventura received the agreement from KWB to use the idea of the Super Green Calendar in their quarterly publications.


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