A very special summer evening

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Every summer we watch more promise: to make more sport, get rid of stress and can boast a more healthful lifestyle. After having spent a day in the sun, what can we do to keep our promises?

FINNISH SAUNA DEBUGGER: to rid the skin of dead cells, renewing liquid, relax muscle tension and stimulate blood circulation.

COMPLETE FITNESS WITH TRAINER: the possibility of doing the exercises correctly with maximum efficiency to keep movement throughout the body.

A GOOD MASSAGE: connecting with one's own body, getting a good professional therapy that reaches deep into the muscles or a treat to enjoy welfare essences and cosmetics.

THE THERAPIES AND WELLNESS CENTRE, SPA ATLANTIS proposes all this and more. A specialized team will be available to care for and propose new ideas.

We are organizing evening ritual sauna concert with Tibetan bells and special massages with honey. You can find products of Aloe Vera fresh direct from the farm and with all the professionalism that characterizes us. For reservations and more information please call 928.86.75.75. Have the potential to become a member and residents enjoy a 20% discount.



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