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Rules and code of conduct about Corona virus / COVID-19 en Fuerteventura.

Please find below what to do and not to do during the COVID-19 alarm situation on Fuerteventura:

- the following guidelines are active for at least till 31/03/2020
- follow the general guidelines for hygienic measures, already communicated by the WHO
- stay at your home / hotel / holiday home if you do not have to: seek medical attention, purchase medicine, purchase food and beverage, assist to help other people, go to your bank, fill your car with gasoline, go to your work (in a straight line; no deviations)
- events, caused by "force majeur" are excluded from the above mentioned limitations of circulation

COVID19 20200315 WA0001


COVID19 20200315 WA0002

Please respect these rules and stay well!




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